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We've searched Hard for Cool Plants , Some of the Rarest Varieties on the Planet and Now after Growing and Testing, Bring them to The World..


We Reckon Seeing is Believing... We Grow All Our Own Plants For Seeds, all the Pics are from Our Plants NOT COPIED/BORROWED,  so what ya see is what ya get.. As Well Every1 is Tested and Videoed  So  you See is What your Going to Get..  (well most) 


(Capsicum Chinense)

Brown 7 Pod

(Capsicum Chinense).

Trinidad Scorpion “Sunrise”

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THSC Naga 7

A Ripper now grown for a few Years to see how goes and goes Off.. 7 pod crossed with a Naga, plants grow up and out, seem more wide than high, fills with heaps of Rippingly hot pods, bit shorter and fatter than naga’s,, Great Taste for what time can taste but Painfully HOT, tried a little to see what was Like and not looking forward to a whole pod..

       Exclusive to THSC        Available Now         Heat 10+++   10+ seeds $ 7                     


 7 Pod "Jonah" crossed "Trinidad Yellow Scotch Bonnet' my mate Brian in WA worked on it for a few years, then we spent a few getting them bigger and Hotter. Plants grow to around a Metre in pots, big yellow Pods,,, HOT and hurt my Tongue, the Flavour is OUTSTANDING  Sweet and Fruity as Well, taste stays even though the Heat is Insane

               Exclusive to THSC     Available Now       Heat  10+ seeds $ 7                     

Purple Habanero

 The Purple Habanero, not a Lot is Known about, a bit diff to a Lot, the Plants grow well and in the 30 + cm pots Pots are easy 1.5 metres, in ground would get bigger. The Pods are just under golfball size and start a really cool light green and are sort of Translucent, can see what look like veins or ribs, then they colour up to a Reddish/Brown that can be sort of Marbled

                                          Available Now                Heat  10+ seeds $5                      

(Capsicum Chinense).

(Capsicum Chinense).

Yellow Trinidad Scorpion

THSC Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion

(Capsicum Chinense).

The THSC Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion, is it hotter than the ButchT ? Dunno, could be, Screaming Heat that has to be Tried to Believe, Taken us Years to find the hottest that could proudly call Our Own, That Awesome Scorpion Taste and Killer Heat…  Grows to over a metre in Pots or Bigger in Ground, produces heaps of Extremely Hot Pods. 1 of my Favs             

  Exclusive to THSC      Available Now      Extremely Hot 10+++    10 seeds $8 

The Yellow Trinidad Scorpion (CARDI) Vers,  Fantastic growing Plant, with Yellow Scorpion like Pods, Flavour as Usual and That Ripping Scorpion Heat..


 Grows Excellent in Pots, mine are nearly 1.5 metres high and the same Wide, would be Fantastic in the Ground  1 of my Favs

                                  Available Now         Extremely Hot 10++    10 seeds $8 

(Capsicum Chinense).

The “Sunrise” Trinidad Scorpion, Cool looking Upgrowing pods on Bushy Plants, sweeter than the Normal Scorpion but Screaming Heat as with all of the Scorpions..


 Grows to over a metre in Pots or Bigger in Ground, produces heaps of Extremely Hot Pods, Looks Great

                         Available Now           Extremely Hot 10++    10 seeds $8 

The Brown 7 Pod, 1 of the Many 7 pods available, stocky Plants that love the Shade, mine grow to 150cm in Pots and a great Producer of Beautiful looking Massive Brown pods, Thick Sweet and Juicy with that great 7 Pod taste and Heat..

A really good looking Plant that grows great, Tastes great and seriously Ripping Heat..


                   Available Now         Heat 10++         10+  seeds $7 


    The 7 Pod SR Strain, a rare Chinense variety originating from Trinidad, pretty sure it’s named after Sarah R from Trinidad whom brought to us all most of the Original Trinidad Superhot’s, get that great 7 Pod Flavour and as well sweet and sort of Floral Like Flavour, Absolute Ripper with Both Great Flavour that Lasts Plus Outstanding Ripping heat..             While Stocks Last    Heat 10+++      10+ seeds  $7                     

Saffron Habanero

 The Saffron Habanero,  Plants grow smallish 30- 40 cm high and Out rather than Up tall, once they fill out and get full of Pods, the plant sort of cascades over edge of Pot.. Pods Looks a bit Orange Habanero like, about golfball size and a amazing Producer, HEAPS of pods that are Hot, Great Hab heat that kicks along for a fair while, Great in Pots and if stuck for space

                                  Available Now           Heat 10+    10  seeds $5                      


 Golden Habanero, a chinense from the Caribbean... The Plants get to about a metre tall, solid and fairly bushy, pods start off a darkish green then to a Golden colour, pods grow 3-4 cm long and about 3 cm wide. Great flavour, Crunchy with a Crisp Fruity, Sweet and Hab like flavour and Surprising Heat for a Hab that goes for ages too


                        Whilst Stocks Last         Heat 10+   10 seeds $5                      

Bangalore Torpedo

    the "Bangalore Torpedo" a cool looking chilli from India, a Ripper of a producer.. as with most of our Plants it's in a Pot,  gets to a metre or so high and as wide, bushy with large amounts of 10 - 12 cm long pods that go from a light Green to a bright red, get a few that twist like Pig's tails but most are just bent, mid heat burn, a level that most people could have, great for salads or just tossed whole into stir-fry’s or casseroles

                                       Available Now          Heat  5     10 seeds $4                     

 "Blondie" a Baccatum from Scandinavia. Very Cool looking Plants, these are actually a metre tall in pots but as Baccatums, long thin branch's that go all droopy once get pods and need staking, the Pods start off a really lightish green, get to around 5-7 cm long and then go a beautiful Milky White colour, some get a little Purple tinge through them but are mostly white. sweet and Tangy, a stingy yet solid burn just under habanero level                 Available Now     Heat    10  seeds $4                     

Golden Habanero

   "Duemila" means "2000" in Italian, , one of the most productive plants ever seen, get to over a metre, solid but need staking once pod up because the branch's fill with 100's of 2 cm long, 1 cm wide upwards pointing pods that go blackish, then to a nice bright red, hardy, grows easy, pods up amazingly, heat is quite nice and a good solid burn even though not superhot Sweet capsicumish flavour with a zing, then it sort of gets a Salty type flavour that match's the heat perfectly..

                                        Available Now         Heat  7      10 seeds $4                      

Barrackpore 7 Pot/Pod

(Capsicum Chinense).


From Trinidad and 1 of Probably the Rarest Pods and Hottest on the Planet, One of the hottest of all the 7 Pods, the Barrackpore 7 pod is an amazing plant,  Grows to a over metre in pots, would go Fantastic in ground,

Seriously INSANE  and my Favourite Video of the Lot to Watch..


                          Extremely Hot 10+++              10+  seeds $7 

(Capsicum Chinense).

SR  7 Pot/Pod

(Capsicum Chinense).

(Capsicum Chinense).