Here we go,, some of the Finest Chilli Sauces from the Great Land of Oz and you can Only get them from here. These are the Sauces we Recommend for the lovers of heat and Flavour. All are made with Fresh Ozzie Produce, we are sure you will Love them and be back for more..   Enjoy

  The Hippy Seed Company

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BBQ Sauce

The 1st in the Range of the Hippy Seed Company’s Sauces, Our Pride and Joy. Natural Heat combined with Flavor makes this an Outstanding addition to any BBQ.


One of the 1st Ever SuperHot BBQ Sauces, Now Even Hotter


Containing Naga Morich , Bih Jolokia and Red Savina’s  You know this isn’t going to be Mild.

 Handmade and limited numbers per batch        10+/10


   Available Now     $10



We Here at “The Hippy Seed Company”  Love Oz Sauces, But not Your Normal Kind, we like Kick Arse, Hot and Flavoursome, So From the Great Land of Oz, here is Our Sauce Range

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Jungle Juice


Kiwi Fruit , Pineapple 

     &  Cinnamon



The Mildest in the Range of the Hippy Seed Company’s Sauces, you could say “And now for something Completely Different” as it’s a Departure from the usual Hippy Seed co Extremeness, made for Flavour Not heat this will make a great addition to any fridge


Containing   Jalapenos , Kiwi Fruit , Pineapple , cinnamon,, nice and Fruity with a Bit of Zing..Great for Chicken , pork , Pasta , salads, Its Multi - Functional with One special Bonus.. It Goes Great with Vanilla Ice Cream..


Handmade , All Natural and Contains No Artificial Colours  or Preservatives..


                 Available Now     $10


6/ 10

2009 The Hot Pepper

     Awards Winner

 2009 The Hot Pepper

     Awards Winner


Another in the Range of the Hippy Seed Company’s Sauces, Someone asked for a Normal chilli sauce, What's that? Here is a Normal 1, Hot and Red ,, Has a Chutney like flavour


Containing   Asian Birdseyes, Scotch Bonnets, Red Grapes, Malt Vinegar garlic, ginger 


Great for  meat dish’s, sandwich’s, Chicken, Pork, This 1 goes great with Generally Everything… Handmade , All Natural and Contains No Artificial Colours  or Preservatives..


                                       Available Now     $10


Heat   8 / 10

Probably the 1st ButchT Trinidad Scorpion Sauce and in a New Realm for Heat, One of the Hottest Natural Sauces on the Planet and Sure To Burn You Up. Made for Heat and there's Plenty of That Plus the Great Flavour of The Nashi Pears Combined with the  ButchT Trinidad Scorpion compliment the Heat giving an All Round Great Sauce. 


 Containing   Trinidad Scorpions , Nashi Pears , Lemon & Lime Juice , Red & White Wine Vinegar , Sugar , Pepper Mix , Salt , Spices..


 Great with Generally Everything...


Handmade , All Natural and Contains No Artificial Colours  or Preservatives..


            Available Now  $15


    Contains ButchT    

   Trinidad Scorpions

F*****G Hot Chilli Sauce


Turkey Slap.

           ...Multi Award Winning…

The 1st of Its Kind…… Made with the Magnificent Yellow 7 Pod.


 The New Realm of Natural Heat, Another One of the Hottest and Nicest  Natural Chilli Sauces on the Planet , Multi “1st” Award Winning


Fruity and Hot.. “You’d put money on there being Fruit in there” But there isn’t, Just the Yellow 7’s which are 1 of the most Flavoursome and Hot Chilli’s going 


 Containing Yellow 7 Pods, Bourbon 10%, Vinegar & Sugar, That’s it.


 Great with Seafood, Pork or Anything Really...


Handmade, All Natural and Contains No Artificial Colours  or Preservatives..


 Available Now  $15 (While Stocks Last)                                





   “Winner, Superhots”

 The Hot Pepper Awards



   “ Winner, HOT ”

The Mr Chilli Awards



Yellow 7 the Jam


With Yellow 7 Pods 10% ya know this will be a Touch Warm, Great on toast, Cheese & crackers or Even better on Vanilla Ice Cream


Now can Enjoy Heat with Every Meal.


                     Available Now  $10

Jonah Jam


With 7 Pod Jonah’s 5%  a bit Milder than the Yellow 7 But still packs a whack,, great on Toast or Cheese and Crackers a Must, Heaps of things so give a Try and see for yourself



                    Available Now  $10


The Jam.

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Disclaimer : the hippy seed company cannot accept any responsibility for any injury or damage that you may cause to yourself, others, or property when using these sauces, Chilli’s do not discriminate and can cause pain if used incorrectly or in excess. Please keep away from children and pets and refrigerate after opening.

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Curry Mustard Chilli Sauce

Charlotte wanted a nice Curry Chilli Sauce that Anyone could try and not have their face melt off, So she created “NagaKarry” Curry Mustard Chilli Sauce.

Mild in relation to our Others but still with a Kick from the Nagabon Jolokia’s and an Amazing Flavour that have to try to believe..



Sultana’s , Apples, Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Capsicum, Onion, Curry Powder Garlic, Ginger, Mustard Seeds, Nagabon Jolokia chilli’s,  All Spice, Salt


Highly Addictive and goes on / with Anything, Great for Vegetarians or just if want that Curry taste with a little bite..


Charlotte puts it at 5/10 as do others so nice and Mild, yet still get that Naga Burn


                      Available Now     $10



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